Buy $20 Worth of Dunkin’ Gift Cards Online and Get a $5 Card Free


Dunkin’ is offering a buy $20 worth of Dunkin’ gift cards online and get a $5 eGift card absolutely free deal.

This is similar to offers we see throughout the year that involve using one of the mobile wallet systems to make a Dunkin’ purchase.  Make a specific dollar amount purchase using [fill in the pay system] and get a dollar amount free.

What’s nice about this deal, though, is that you don’t have to use a certain pay system to purchase the gift cards.  Use any credit card you want, put at least $20 on a gift card and get the free $5 gift card automatically.

The gift card purchases may be transacted via Cashstar, which means it may not count as a “dining” purchase for credit card category bonus earning.

There are a few qualifications:

  • The $20+ DD card purchase must be done on
  • Deal excludes bulk DD card orders, DD cards purchased in Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants, on the DD app and from 3rd party retailers.

There’s a limit of one $5 promotional eGift card per customer from 12/6 – 12/18/17, or while supplies last.

The $5 promotional eGift card must be enrolled online or redeemed at a participating Dunkin’s Donuts location by 1/31/18 to receive promotional value.

If you’re buying this as a gift, make sure the recipient is aware of the “use by” date.

If you’re buying for yourself, you should receive the $20+ eGift card and the promotional $5 eGift card soon after purchase.  Simply use the card numbers to load to the Dunkin’ Donuts app and enjoy!